Morphe 35xo natural flirt eye shadow palette review

I love playing with makeup. And I absolutely love eyeshadow palettes. But with how expensive they can get and how little colors I do use I’ve never been one to buy one. Until the natural flirt 35 XO morphe palette came out. It has 35 beautiful shades filled with pinks and neutrals. I wanted it and then my sister ended up giving it to me as a Christmas gift and I was so excited. So today I’m going to break down the pallet and do a little review for you guys so let’s get started

So basically this palette was a limited release at Ulta and you can only buy it at Ulta I just found out recently that they brought it back and they are keeping it. It is priced at $25 which is not bad for getting 35 shades! this is my first ever morphe palette so I was coming into this brand new and not knowing what to expect.

The colors are absolutely gorgeous. They have matte shades to glitter shades to even just physical glitter. They range from pinkish to neutrals to even some purples. the names on them are kind of cute and sticking into the theme for example the chase, major seduction, plus one, and happily ever after.

the formulas pretty amazing like I said this is my first ever morphe palette so I didn’t know what to expect but they blend so easily there’s so pigmented you literally only need a little bit for that color to pop in your eyes and I love the formula.

overall I would definitely buy those pallet again if I didn’t have it. And I recommend it. If you love pink and neutrals this is the perfect palette and I think all the colors complement each other and it is just overall just really I said Ulta ended up bringing it back but it is just in the normal morphe packaging of the black with the white lettering he will not get the fancy gold and pink design but from what I read everything is still the same for colors and formula.

I hope you guys enjoyed this makeup eyeshadow palette review. let me know in the comments I’m really there’s anything else you want me to review and look out for a colourpop sailor Moon collection review coming soon and a teeny eyeshadow palettes with them also.

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