March Q&A

It’s been a minute since we’ve done a Q&A and so today I decided to do one with your guys’s questions. So let’s get started!

1. How’s the moving going?

That is a great question. And the answer is I have no idea. We were supposed to move out at the end of January and is now March and we’re still at our old apartment. But we have till the end of this month to move. The apartment we were moving into had to be postponed because they had to redo the whole apartment that we were going to be moving into you so it’s a waiting game and I have no idea what’s happening but we have two weeks to figure it out.

2.How did you decide if you wanted to do the green and blue hair?

It randomly happened. The idea was to do half pink and half blue because we had those colors here already and we went to our favorite beauty supply store to get hair dye for Emily and I ended up seeing the seafoam green and I wanted to really badly so I decided to pair that with the blue we already had here and it turned out pretty amazing I really love it I didn’t know how I was going to look so how a little worried but I really like it.

3.What is your most used app right now?

Most likely tiktok. I have been on a lot recently I use it when I go to sleep and I will go on if I’m starting to feel stressed and I need to get my mind all stuff and to be able to kind of like it. If not that then most definitely stardew valley it is my favorite game ever and I put a lot of time into that game like a lot and I absolutely love it.

4.Anything fun planned for the blog?

Actually yes. I have a few reviews coming out for some makeup palettes and a whole collection from colourpop which I’m extremely excited about and also some other things in the works that is not writing related but it is for the blog and I’m really excited to test it out and play around with it.

5.How’s school?

School’s been going really well. I’ve gotten really good grades almost fought a teacher but that’s a different story. I have been a little stressed with it but nothing that’s out of the ordinary giving everything else that’s going on.

I hope you guys enjoyed this q&A let me know in the comments down below any questions you have or anything you want to see for upcoming post

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