About me!

Hello everyone. I am Allison or Allie and I am in the owner of Allison Velia. I started this blog back in 2016 as a way to have a safe place for me to vent my feelings and talk about stuff that I can’t talk to just anyone about and since then has turned into something so much more. It’s a place we are not only me but you guys can come to rant or vent about something and we talked about anything from the latest fashion trends to my mental breakdown of the week. I’m super open about my anxiety disorder and my social anxiety and it’s a topic I talked about a lot on my blog. I also talked about what it’s like being a plus-size girl in a world where it’s still trying to be accepted. I’m also a little and im very involved with DDLG and talk about it from time to time.You’ll see all my life’s greatest achievements but also my greatest mistakes. I will review the latest and greatest of makeup, fashion, and do fun tags along the way. As for me, I am currently 22 and I live in the Sunshine State of Florida. I am a complete nerd can recite anything from Star Wars, love reading graphic novels, and obsessed with video games. I enjoy taking naps and shoving my face with pizza. But I also love working out and I love doing yoga. I dye my hair a lot. For no reason. I do have an Instagram and a Twitter and they are both @allyvkat so make sure to follow me there to see behind the scenes of my life. I hope you guys stay and read what I have to offer on my blog!