Storytime- my teacher Made me cry

It has been a while since I didn’t story time so today I decided to do one that a little touchy framing. As you can see by the title I’m going to be telling the story about how one time my teacher almost made me cry and by almost I mean literally, I cried so much. Let’s get started

Untitled design (2)I was in 5th grade at the time. Around the third grade, we found out about my dyslexia and I was struggling in math and raining so much. By the 5th grade, the reading had gotten better but the math had got worse. And so I was in tutoring a lot. The math one was always on Monday so I would always forget to tell my mom to come to pick me up after it because I wouldn’t remember that on the weekend. So I never really ever went to it. But this one Monday my mom had a conference in the early morning when she dropped me off with my teachers. I never thought about them telling my mom that morning so I just didn’t go to it because I didn’t have a ride home. When classes are over they first called buses and my teacher went up to me and he said that you will not be taking the bus today and that was wried for him to say to me I thought he made a mistake or got me confused, or something because I never took the bus my mother came and pick me up on the car ride line so when he said that to me I just said okay and I downloadwaited for them to call the car ride people out there and then I walked out and got to my mother’s car and went home. The end of the night my mom asked me why I didn’t go to tutoring quickly made a lie and said it got canceled and in my head, I started thinking back maybe he was telling me that he told my mother about it. But still he said I wasn’t taking the bus today so it just I brushed it off and went on with my night is normal. The next morning I went into school all normal. He wasn’t my actual teacher he was like an intern to become a teacher so my real teacher she called me up and she was talking to me and she was said, you were supposed to be at tutoring and that I talk to your mother and I told her I’m sorry I didn’t know that you told my mom and so I was scared I didn’t have a ride and then the intern guy came over and started yelling at me and screaming how could you do that you didn’t listen to me you’re such a terrible person that is the most ridiculous thing to do should know better. He kept yelling at me as if it’s something totally wrong. I was trying to tell him you said I wasn’t taking the bus, he said don’t put words in my mouth don’t be like that don’t talk back to me. Who the fuck Do You Think You Are yelling at me in front of everybody?  I started sobbing because you know at the time I didn’t know about my anxiety and so I was just trying to stop and saw him and my teacher told me to go to the bathroom dry my eyes and Come Back In. I just felt so embarrassed and so bad about myself and I was blaming myself. But the thing is he had no right to yell at me like that. I 4ccbae6ce8345e9e30800dcde512d8ffunderstand that if I did something wrong this is more of a misunderstanding than anything. And I hope he learned from that nothing happened to him as for consequences for the way he treated me but it was such a shitty feeling. I never went home and told my mother about it because I don’t know. I just knew from that point forward but I would never yell at someone like that like it was awful.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the story time. Let me know in the comments did you ever have a bad teacher? As I was going to say thank you for everything you do, I love you guys so much, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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