Best Forced Timer App

With a tagline of Forest: Stay focused, be present, or simply Forest. I had high hopes for this focused timer app. If you are new to this series I’m reviewing different focused apps and deciding which one’s best for me while I also review them for you guys so let’s go ahead and get started on forest.

I’ve used forest for about 4 months now maybe even a little bit longer and I like it. The layout super simple yet very customizable and the options for it are pretty simple and easy to use. The basis of it is you’re building a forest you said a certain time or you pick your tree there are free ones available but you also have to pay for some of them if you want different trees and if you complete the timer without canceling and staying focused your tree gets planted. I love the you do this you get rewarded system I don’t know if that’s just because I’m a little but I love it.

You can label different colors of forces for different things like five one for drawing I have one for work and then I have one for school so you can make as many as you want different colors and different labels. You set the timer for anytime you want and there’s even different features for different stuff. For example you can have a do disturb mode where you can block certain apps so if you get the timer going you try to open that up and redirect you back to the timer for a stop which I love because I get distracted easilybut you also can pick the tops before that because I do use my phone when I’m working for different apps so I can pick and it’s customizable.

This is available on Android and iPhone but it’s also available for Chrome they might be available for other websites too. So I love that it’s universal no matter what you do. Like I said it is free they come with a few free trees but if you wanted to do the cool ones or different ones you have to pay for it I personally just use a free ones because I am just testing it out but that choice is totally up to you.

Over I love this app because you get to use it for free with the bass and still do everything I love the customization options and I love the do not disturb mode. Like I said I love the do something you get rewarded system that’s only that works for me so I really do like this app but I’m excited to see what else is out there compared to this because so far this is a steady start.

if you have any other apps you want me to review or anything to test out and let me know in the comments down below but also let me know in the comments down below do you have a hard time staying focused?

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