So I cursed out my grandmother a few weeks ago….

For starters and some backstory my grandmother super religious which there’s nothing wrong with but she only respected people if they followed everything she did. If you had one disagreement or one thing that you didn’t like she would hate you. That kind of religion and I hate that. She also hated that I’m fat oh no that’s something that just kind of happens and she has no control over that so the micro aggression of her like maybe you shouldn’t wear that alley or why are you wearing that I got those a lot. She’s also a trump lover which automatically makes me hate you. She had made comments saying maybe we shouldn’t have the privilege to vote since we weren’t voting for him.

Now time for the actual story so my dad’s birthday was coming up and if you have a birthday we would do it Sunday dinner to celebrate it with the family at her house it’s something we’ve always done since we were little. But since the pandemic we’ve kind of been doing it more spread out and grouping birthdays together since it’s an hour drive there and then an hour drive back and I hated making those drives especially on a Sunday when I have to work the next day. So my dad’s original birthday that Sunday I told them that we were just going to do something at the house because I didn’t feel like driving everyone said that was perfectly fine and all I did was got my dad pizza and cheesecake and gave him his presents that day nothing special because I wasn’t feeling good. The next week after that we get a phone call from my grandmother asking if we were going to do it that next Sunday and that’s where things took a time.

I found out that everyone was going out places without mask I found out that Megan who we just hate in general was going and I didn’t feel comfortable keyword there’s I didn’t feel comfortable going and knowing that people are going out not wearing mask and then he was going to be there. That’s when she decided to curse out my sister saying stop being a dictator to my sister who always said was we didn’t feel comfortable. And I kept saying a whole bunch of other b******* so then I called her back and I told her that all this is b*******. Just because you’ve given us money to help move just because you are older and just because you f****** love God does not make you better than us. The way you treat Emily who is my little sister is ridiculous this shouldn’t have to be it and I cursed her out a s*** ton and then the next day I went to her house for Sunday dinner

I didn’t talk to her at all I didn’t talk to my sister at all because they are both pieces of s*** and I don’t like them that much. My oldest sister has always had a God complex where just because she goes to church and just because she has her life put together and she’s married and happy and has money she thinks she’s better than me and I’ve always hated that. My whole life we are only 18 months apart so my whole life I was compared to her and everything she did and I still am now and I hate it. I hate the feeling of I’m better than you it was so hard to compete and all the side comments in the microaggression and just being a b**** to me I’m done with both of them.

Everyone’s too scared to tell them that they got to stop what they’re doing and I had enough and I just kind of let it out and I don’t care if they don’t ever want to talk to me again I don’t care if they never want to see me again. The stress they put on me I already have enough stuff going on that I don’t want to handle them and I’m fine with cutting them out of my life. My grandma like you saying but we’re family but we’re family and then my sister says just ignore Grandma she’s family we have to listen to her no we don’t do no one does. Just because of a title you have or who you are to me doesn’t mean anything and it shouldn’t. I always believe that you make your own family not that family is blood. Surround yourself with the people who actually have the best interest in you not because they have a title.

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