September Q&A

It’s a new month which means it’s time for any q&a. So let’s go ahead and just jump right into!

What do you use to plan on your blog post I’ve always been curious about this?

I actually have a full blog post dedicated to the steps by steps and what I use to plan a blog post which I will link down below but really I basically just use my planner and a notebook for physical objects and then I will use Evernote or OneNote and then a calendar online and then treillo to plan everything out. But it does vary on what I use especially right now because I am working from my bed because we haven’t moved yet so I don’t have my desk or anything set up I mostly do stuff online but in reality you don’t really need anything fancy.

How has it been living with your sister in the same room?

I hate it. In reality has been too bad the room is really big so we jump our own side and here so we have the fans going all the time so it’s loud in here so we have to use your phones to watch our TVs and stuff and that’s been kind of annoying and not having my own space that’s been really tough but it’s only for a few months and then we’ll get out of an apartment and it’s going to be so nice and I can’t wait!

So about that hair?

I get those question every month and I love answering it but as of right now nothing. I dyed my hair green and July and cut it short and now I’m just kind of living it grow and get healthy again and just letting the green fade. I would love to go back to my friend but I don’t want to do anything until I know that may Earth will work here so I’m just kind of just letting it be!

Have you gone skating more recently?

No! It has been so hot lately it’s been 106 to 110 the past few days and it has been visible to even just walk outside with the humidity. And when it’s not super hot out it is pouring down rain sleeping really hard for us to go skating lately. But fall is around the corner and that is prime skating type for us I’m so excited to get back out there.

I hope you guys enjoyed the short Q&A I want to make them longer but most of the questions I do get are stuff that I want to make a blog post about so I’m just trying to sort everything out but let me know if you have any questions in the comments down below or even on the Instagram or Twitter!

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