Life update!

I figured it was about time we did another life update. You guys will be reading this in September but it is currently still August. It is the 24th of August to be exact and I am currently sitting in the parking lot of my sisters dental office because she’s in there and I have to wait in the car. So let’s get this started!

Overall I’m okay but I’m not okay. It’s been a long and stressful year and I haven’t had a break and it’s been tough. I think most of it comes from not having time to process anything and having it all pushed in and now it’s not to much and I’m slowing lose it lol.

I’ve cried a lot but honestly it felt good to just cry. I’ve had a lot of mental breakdowns but I’m going to be okay. I’ve been focusing on writing and playing the Sims and just trying to breathe.

I mean that’s basically it for how I’m feeling in this moment. Like I’m going to be okay like it’s nothing to worry about but it’s still just currently how I’m feeling and I’m just tired. I hope you guys are having an amazing day and at any time you can leave comments down below it’s just how you’re feeling whether it’s good or bad I am always here to listen I love you guys!

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