What is your guilty pleasure…

1. TV Show

Anything first responders like. I love 911 and 911 lone star I also love Chicago med.

2. Book.

Anything murder and crime like. I love a good horror book.

3. Song.

TAYLOR SWIFT! I love her so much and then country is a BIG guilty pleasure!

4. Purchases.

Planners, notebooks, post it and pens. I buy way to many and I love them all!

7. Habit.

A bad habit of mine is picking at my skin. It gets really bad but I can’t stop sometimes.

8. Movie.

I love watch dumb horror movies. They can be scary but also so dumb. Like Truth or dare.

9. Game on your phone.

Minecraft is my favorite game I play it way to much!

I hope y’all enjoyed this guilty pleasure tag let me know if y’all have some too?

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