My Summer Essentials

Summertime is here. Every year I name my top 5 summer essentials and this year is no let’s get started with my 2020 Summer essentials.

A number one and we have the not your mother’s clean freak dry shampoo. so we’ve been in quarantine for the past 3 ish month and let’s be real honest I have not felt the need to deep condition my hair everyday because I don’t go out. So I’ve been heavily relying on dry shampoo and this isn’t my favorite for the past two years. You can get them anywhere where dry shampoos are available and it’s one of my favorite brands. . It doesn’t make my hair sticky it doesn’t have a bad smell and just brush it out and it looks amazing. And the price isn’t that bad! I got it at Walmart for $4.99.

Next up is something I did not know existed until about a few months ago. So I rely heavily on dry shampoo all the time. But I didn’t know there was a thing of dry conditioner. A few months ago I bought the Aussie sleek end warrior dry conditioner. And I love it. We all get the feel of dryness after we use a dry shampoo and I’ve always hated that feeling so I need to try and get with a dry conditioner and it makes my hair so soft. The dry shampoo will take away all the grease in your hair and this makes your hair sleek and it just together amazing. I got this at Walmart for $4 and I love it. The smell is good and it makes my hair look and feel amazing!

Next up is a generalized thing. Sunscreen. As someone who burn easily and is known to getting sun blisters I recommend sunscreen. A new one that I am writing is sun bum. It’s like a more natural sunscreen. it is plant-based and cruelty free hypoallergenic and it’s not bad for pricing. You can get there 30 SPF for $3.99 and then you can actually get there 50 for $10. So it is a little bit pricier but in all honesty if you’re looking for a more natural option sun bum is in winner.

So if you’ve been following my deodorant journey you would know that I’ve recently discovered Schmidt deodorant. And I love it. I have the rose and black pepper one and is why your favorite.I did a whole review on it that I will blow for you to summon up it is an all natural deodorant the smell is are amazing and they have unique sense. It goes on amazing and it lasts a good amount of time. They are expensive you can get them for $6.99 at Target $10 at Ulta beauty I’m at Walmart they’re like $5.99. so it depends where you go to get it. But I love it so much.

Last step is more of a generalized thing. I highly recommend a natural moisturizer with SPF in it. I use under my makeup especially if I’m going to be out or I wear it just on my face to help when I go outside because my skin gets dry easily and I’ll be so win-win. Some brands I recommend is Cetaphil they are in a little bit expensive sign but their products are always amazing and they are dermatologist recommended. Another one is ceraVe again a little bit on the price your side but this one’s really good if you have super sensitive skin are your body just hates everything you put on it.with both of these are both dermatologist recommended and they have different varieties of moisturizers with SPF and lines for anything.I also for the cheaper side to recommend a elf. They had one and I can’t find it anywhere but it was a daily hydration moisturizer with SPF in it.but if you find it they are amazing and I recommend the house if you can’t afford the other two. Cause let’s be honest who has money to spend $20 on a bottle of moisturizer because I don’t anymore.

I hope you guys enjoyed this year’s summer essential list. I will be posting another one next month focus more towards of makeup.let me know in the comments down below what are some of your summer essentials.

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