7 Fun Facts About Me!

Happy Monday everyone! Today I wanted to do 7 fun facts about me because we have had a lot more, new people come to the blog and that makes me so happy! So let’s get started!

7 Facts About Me!!

  • I love farm animals! From goats, cows, chickens, pigs, and just about everything!

download (9)I always grew up around farm animals and always wanted a big farm with all my favorite animals and now that I’m older I got to exiaens working on a farm and doing all the dirty work and still love it! I was in FFA for 4 years! FFA is Future Farmers of America! (Which is where I get my love of farm animals!!


  • I am 6’1! I know I’m tall I get it from my dad’s side of the family!

I’ve always been tall growing up! I would always stand out and people would always think I was older then what I was! I am taller then my is weird lol!

  • I have a bad problem where I buy a lot of post-it notes!!


I’m always buying post-it notes! But I do use a lot to make to-do lists and making cute little notes and to remember people to do stuff! So I think I justify my bad problem of post-it notes!

  • I have a giant pink flamingo that my dad got me!

I love my pink flamingo!!! My dad got it for me when we were at crackle barrel and it made me so happy! I named him Billy but I’m always open to name ideas lol!

  • I love alligators!! I would love to swim with them! Is that weird?!

I’ve always loved alligators! When I was little, and we went to the zoo I would just sit and watch the alligators for the longest time!

  • I have dyslexia which makes it really hard to read and write!

DyslexiaI learned I had dyslexia when I was 7 and that made school so hard for me. Even today It’s still so hard for me to read and write but with my blog, it helps me to practice and helps me get better! But I have an IQ of 130! Because of my dyslexia, I get my IQ tested every few years and I’ve always had a high IQ but never really performed at my level if that makes sense lol!

  • I have an anxiety disorder and I deal with social anxiety.download (12)

There’s not much to say other than iv always deal with it and still trying to manage it!

And a bonus fact!download (13)

  • I like to think I have my life together but it’s far from that

I like to say I’m a hot mess but I ain’t hot so I’m just a mess!

I hope you guys enjoyed these 7 fun facts about me! Let me know in the comments down below, What’s a fun fact about you?! As always Thank you for everything you guys do, I love you so much, and I’ll see you in the next post!!!

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