May QandA

It is a new month which means a new q&a. If you ever have a question I want to make a suggestion for a post you can always comment down below on any post or on my Instagram @allyvkat So let’s go ahead and get started

Do you have any plans for your hair soon?

I was looking at old photos and I really miss my bright red hair like that’s my signature hair color so I might go back to that but it’ll be about another month cause I just got the black and and I want to get my hair a little bit healthy before we start dying it again. Or I might go back to the pink too I absolutely love that color but who knows now that I don’t have a rule that I have to verify what kind of doing I can do whatever I want and who knows…

Where do you get your bralettes from?

The black floral lace one and the white lace one are from torrid I got them and they’re clearance section so I got them for free and then I have a lot that’s on Fenty x Savage I don’t really like them that much they’re really good bras but they’re sizing is bad and over I had a bad experience with customer service but it’s good quality bras. And then I have a few from adore me which I love but they don’t really have a lot of bralette options they’re more bras. And then I got to sports ones from Target that I absolutely love because I now go up and plus sizes so 4x5x and triple d and up which makes you really happy and then I also got a black lace bralette from there again my size and I love it so much. How is your brother let’s spend cause why am I going to wear something that cause me to sleep and lately since quarantine I’ve just been wearing them all day because what else am I going to wear. So if you’re looking for more affordable options to start like a collection of bralettes I recommend Walmart and Target Walmart has some really good ones but their size ranges needs a little work but Target’s really improved on their sizes and they have some cute ones. And if you definitely can fit into Fenty xavage then I highly recommended.

What’s your favorite store to buy plus size clothing?

It’s kind of a tough question cause if you look at my  wardrobe I kind of have a little bit of everything. Lately the Ross near my house has had a really good plus size section so I have some tops from there but a lot of my t-shirts and my graphic t-shirts are actually from the Target and Walmart’s men section cause I just like the form of their shirts and also from a thrift store that is near my cousin’s house has a really good men’s t-shirt section and I buy most of my stuff from there. A lot of my fancy blouses and dresses are from torrid and I only buy them their stuff if it’s in the clearance section cause it’s overpriced and ugly. And then everything else is also that I’ve had from Target and Walmart that’s a good once in a lifetime find I don’t get me wrong target has a decent plus size section it is small but I do like the brand itself. Ava and viv has some really cute stuff but there’s only like one or two things that are actually laid out in my Target and the plus size section.

I hope you guys enjoyed this q&A let me know in the comments down below if you have any questions for me or with your favorite place to buy your clothes?

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