Hi. I know it’s been a little bit and I kind of just went radio silent but I have a good reason. A lot has been going on the past 2 months some was unexpected a lot of stuff I knew was going to happen so I’m going to explain it all to you guys.

One big thing is we’re currently moving. the apartment we’re at I’ve never liked I’ve made multiple blog posts on how it’s a terrible place the people are shitty and it’s terrible. Are these ends in February and we were unsure about it up until a few weeks ago and we decided to leave. but because it was very last notice we don’t have a place to live currently so I’m moving in with my aunt for a few weeks until the place that we want is available. So moving in a pandemic is really hard. Not only that a lot of shit has gone down with Megan my half-sister that it’s been stressing me out to know ends. So dealing with that has not been fun. Not only that we have the holidays. Christmas is really fun we just to drive by and drive presents. but it did take a lot out of me because I was not feeling good anxiety wise. Also in December Mark 5 years since my mother’s passing and that’s kind of been hot on everybody period so mentally have not been well. I am back in school. so lot of my time has been devoted to that and packing.

What does this mean for you guys? I’m slowly coming back. I’ve planned out a few posts and edited some that were supposed to come out in December but I never got around to doing and I will slowly work my way back into it. Riding has always been a source of de-stressing and I want that to continue so I’m going to do it at my own pace. but let me know in the comments what post you want to see I have a lot of reviews coming and lookbooks and stuff like that that I’m excited for.

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