Elf and Ulta Gift Guide

I love makeup. Since I was little I’ve always gotten little makeup kits from Claire’s and justice and eventually grown up to buy some bigger brands.I’m not very good at it but it’s still fun to play with. So I needed to include a makeup gift guide for 2020. I split it up into two sections for my two favorite places to buy makeup. Will have an elf section which will include stuff from their website but you can also get it where they sell elf stuff. And ulta. Ulta’s going to have a little bit more expensive stuff and obviously elf is definitely more affordable. So let’s get started.

First up is a sugar high 7 piece brush set. I’ve Loved elf brushes for a while. And this set is really cute. It’s kind of like a pretty pink but it’s like shining metallicky. It’s only $15 which isn’t a bad price for seven.it includes a powder brush highlighting brush fluffy eye blender brush a normal blending brush a small angled brush a concealer brush and then an eyebrow duo brush. Like I said for the price I think it’s a really good deal.

Now I know we’ve all seen skin Care by hyram. and to be honest some of the stuff is really expensive and I trust him but also I’m broke. So I ended up getting this jet set hydration kit at Walgreens and I love it and made my skin feel great I don’t know exactly what the green is about good but I know it did make my skin feel hydrated and it’s only $15. so if you’re looking for a skin care without breaking the bank I recommend trying this period it comes with a daily face cleanser, prep and hydration bomb, daily hydration moisturizer, a nourishing night cream, and illuminating eye cream. it has really good reviews and I recommend this other many other kids for skincare cuz they have a lot.

Speaking of kits we have another one the super many skin care kit. it is also $15 and this one’s really cute packaging with the colors I love it. This one comes with a super toner, super clarified cleanser, super hydrated wash, and a super mask. I think this is a good price for everything I haven’t tried this one yet but I am thinking about getting it to try it. again I know I was supposed to stick to the three products that’s going around social media but let’s be honest other skin cares carry on work too just listen to your skin.

Elf has amazing lip colors my favorite lipstick that I’ve ever got from them was a matte lippy and I have loved it. So for $35 you can get the whole rose gold metallic lip vault set I low-key and considering this period I’ve always loved their lipsticks their colors are always pretty it lasts and it just makes my lips feel so smooth. The colors you get in this set is natural, tea rose(which was my go-to in high school), praline,Dasha pink, rowdy rogue, Rich red, wine, mulberry maven, berry sorbert, and Scarlet night. I love all of these and I think it’s a really good price for all that you’re getting the vector getting the whole set it’s amazing.

I have never been one for Advent calendars especially ones would like makeup and big stuff like that because they always never turned out to be a good deal. Until I saw else. this is the elfastic 12-day Advent calendar it is $45 we do get 12 things in it and I think it’s an okay price for it. They do tell you all the products that is that you will be getting and I’ve used a lot of the products and there’s maybe two products on here that I’ve never used before and the products that I still use everyday and my everyday makeup look. What you get in it is a poorless putty primer, a ride or die lip balm, a bite size eyeshadow, liquid glitter eyeshadow, holy hydration face cream, A lash color, total face sponge, a blending brush, makeup mist and set, ellipse satin stain, in a while Brown drill. I’ve used mostly products I love them so much for $45 I do think it’s a little too expensive but if you are looking for an advent calendar I would recommend this one because our products that I have used in love so I don’t think it’s a total waste of money.

The last product for the Mad for matte eyeshadow palette. The shade I picked for this was nude mood because this is my favorite eyeshadow palette from them and my go-to one. It is only $10 and you get 10 shades. They’re all like a natural Brown colors and I love it. I’ve created so many good looks with this this is my go-to everyday eyeshadow palette I buy it every year. It’s a great essential must have eyeshadow palette especially if you like neutral colors.

Now we’re going to move on to the Ulta stuff.I said Ulta is more expensive but looking at their side they did have a lot of good holiday deals and kids so for the first product it is the birds these beeswax bounty fruit mix gift set. That was a mouthful. it is $10.99 and it’s just a cute gift set of four of their lip balms the strawberry, pink grapefruit, coconut and pear, and the pomegranate one. I’ve always loved birds beads they are expensive and $10 for four of them is not too bad.

Next up is the eyeshadow palette that I really want. it is a morphe palette I know they cost a lot of dramas and stuff but this eyeshadow palette is so pretty. It is the 35xo natural flirt artsy palette. It’s $25 and you get 35 different shades. And they all range from natural to pinky purple tones and it is so pretty. I’ve always heard good things about their palettes and their affordable prices and that’s why Loki kind of like them and I’m asking for this for Christmas will it get it will see. But I’ve always loved a good eyeshadow palette.

next up is a two-faced eyeshadow palette again another company that I don’t really like to support but a lot of people recommended this eyeshadow palette to be on the gift guide so I took a look at it it is a pumpkin spice eyeshadow palette. It is $50 which is so fucking* expensive for an eyeshadow palette that only gets 18 shades. it is a really cute palette though and I do like the theme of it being pumpkin spice so if you are looking for a palette and you don’t care of the price this would be it I don’t think I’ve ever used it too face product in my life cuz they are expensive but I wanted to do a lot of different ranges of stuff to show off.

so I talked about the elf brush kit and the elf section obviously so I wanted to look for one at Ulta and this one was actually one that I kept getting recommended to try and I for a lot of really good things about it is the Mac limited edition sparklers starter kit brushes. Again $50 but it is on sale though it’s originally a hundred something dollars but because it’s a limited edition kit they brought down the price period and it also comes with a bag to put all the brushes in. The only problem I see with this is I’m spending $50 for five brushes and I heard really good things about them like also I’m not somebody to spend that much money on something but again I wanted to give a ride range of stuff cuz I know Mac is really well known brand that people do buy. The brushes you get are a foundation brush, a blush highlighter brush, eyeshadow brush, a sculpting eye brush, a lining eyes brush and then the limited edition bag.

I wanted to find something things that the makeup because Ulta has a lot of great body and hair stuff so I ended up finding this Oual north bondi kit. It is $45 and you get a perfume and their body cream. This is a brand that was top rated on their gift section so I look into it and there’s a lot of really good reviews plus people really said it smells so good the ingredients are really good coconut oil is the main ingredient. so I guess it’s really good to use I only had the sample size of the body cream and a Birchbox once other than I never really tried any other products.

Be last item for the makeup gift guide of 2020 it is the Anastasia Beverly hills brow started kit. This is an only at Ulta exclusive it is $38 it comes in four shades medium brown, blondish ash, dark brown, and ebony, and it is a kit so it comes with a mini brow definer a mini mini dipo gel a mini brow with skinny brow pencil, and a mini clear brow gel. I do my eyebrows everyday because they are blonde and blend into my pale skin period And I use a range of products the idea of having it all in a kit for $38 is a really good price. I’ve heard amazing things about Anastasia Beverly hills eyebrow products it’s the idea that they’re in a kid is a really good price.

I hope you guys enjoyed the makeup guide of 2020. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next gift guide which would be for the tech people in your life. Let me know in the comments down below do you have a favorite makeup brand or a makeup product?

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