Top Toys Gift Guide 2020

To start off our under $30 category is the Little live pets Little Dippers playset. I’ve looked over a lot of the little lives pets they’re all range under $30 or some more expensive ones but this one peed my eye the most because it is a water-activated interactive feeding experience unicorn fish which just sounds super exciting. I’ve always wanted pet fishes but they usually die pretty fast so this one kind of can I think it’s great for kids that want to bed but you can’t really get a bed. It is only $20 on Amazon and there are a few different ones the one I link down is the unicorn one with the tank and then they sell just the fish. Overall it has amazing reviews and there’s no doubt I wanted to add it to this list because it’s something I can keep your kid entertained for a while but also teach them the responsibility of caring for fish even though it’s not real.

This one caught my eye and kind of got me excited this is the Failfix makeover dolls. so basically their dolls that you can give makeovers to. There are five different ones you can pick from style-wise there’s a dancing style one a kawaii one a loves glamor a preppy posh and a sleigh at DJ one. And they’re only $20 for a doll which isn’t too bad for dolls. Basically what you do is you need to help them give them a head to toe transformation you’ll find different clothing items and accessories with each doll. You get them a magical small mask and it removes to reveal their makeup look and then you remove these accessories out of their hair that’s kind of like stuck in it to give them a beautiful hairstyle and then you rip off the rope and you got a fashionable doll. I like the idea of it because it’s kind of like the mystery epoxy you see everywhere but it’s something you’ll be using over and over again because it’s a doll that you can play with afterward.

This one confuses me a little bit but I was kind of intrigued. This is a treasure x aliens ultimate the dissection kit. basically, it’s an alien you’re dissecting it’s all plastic no grossness but there are 26 different levels and everything included to find a real gem in your alien. so you get these tools that you operate on your alien to save the alien Hunter and you find gyms in different pieces it’s kind of really cool. I just love the idea that you’re dissecting this creature to find different gems and to save the human and it’s something to keep your kids distracted but also teaching them a little bit about alien and anatomy it comes with the one alien creature and is like a brain guts intestines ooze your character and weapon the treasure and two-vehicle accessories plus the tool kit. it’s only $25 and I did this again for anybody but in your life who just loves the idea of a little challenge but also it doesn’t mind a little ooze in their life.

I’m going to be real honest I’m thinking about getting this for myself. It’s a toy story for 4 forky creativity set. Basically, you’re making your own fork. you can also create other fun characters from this creativity set and you get your own sheriff badge. You can also create your own foam buzz and your own Pom-Pom Bunny and ducky. It includes a whole bunch of different creativity sets like pipe cleaners googly eyes and a whole bunch of other stuff. It was only $15 on Amazon and for the factory to create so much stuff I love it.

Roblox I think it’s still pretty popular my niece who was nine is still obsessed with it. So I wanted to try to find something that was under the $30 that I’m sure but he would love. When searching a Roblox on Amazon there was a lot of different toys. so I wanted to find one that made the most sense but also the best deal and I think this one is it. It is a robot action collection it comes with 32 figures and includes an exclusive virtual item for when you play Roblox online. It is only $17.90 and it comes with so much I think it’s worth it. I’m going to be honest again I don’t know much about Roblox so I can’t really tell you what any of the things actually like do but the figures you can play with and a lot of people are making stop-action videos with them but I think this is a really good deal for all you get with it and if your kids are looking for Roblox I recommend this one.

I really want this one too. For $25 on Amazon, you can get a baby Yoda interactive feeding doll thing. I’ve been obsessed with the Mandalorian if you guys don’t know Yoda has been my favorite character throughout the Star Wars series and now there’s a baby Yoda and my heart died cause I was so touched by it and this is a doll that you can feed and it makes sounds and it’s kind of cute. over the fact there’s only $25 that’s a really good price for the fight Star Wars and Disney stuff are usually overpriced but this isn’t bad.

Now we move on to stuff that is $30 and up in this first one has been one I’ve been seeing a lot around tik-tok and Instagram. It’s a squeaker the balloon dog. it is a plastic dog that looks like a balloon dog and you can teach him tricks feed him and pop him and then you watch him deflate. I thought it was a really cool concept as someone who would always want a balloon dog island petrified of balloons in the popping sound and this one gives me the best of both worlds. So he’s totally interactive and comes to life when you play with him there is a fake plastic pushpin that you pop him with a little hole and then you watch him play and they pop right back up. some of the things you can do so you can teach him to set her bag and gets excited when he hears it he reacts to your voice she’s like your own personal little dog. As of right now it’s on Amazon for $48.88 but its original price is $60 either one’s a pretty good price but if you can get it on sale I recommend it.

Next up we have the Star wars the child AKA baby Yoda animatronic with over 25 sounds and motion combinations. It’s basically more advanced of the baby Yoda from the $30 and underside. you touch the top of his head and activates a whole bunch of different sounds he giggles babbles if he’s tired he’ll make sleeping noises. he’s animated so he’ll move his head up and down his ears will move back and forth his eyes open and close and more. Also raises his arms to close his eyes and size as if using the force he also takes naps. If he uses a lot of energy he requires rest to you lay him down and he’ll close his eyes and take what they call a forced nap. this one is $60 on Amazon so it’s a little bit more pricey but it does do a little bit more than the other one. The difference between this one and the other one is this one is all plastic for the body but then how’s clothing on it that’s not but the other one had a plastic head but his body was a soft plush so that could be a little deterrent if you want one to snuggle with I don’t recommend this one but if you want one that actually is more lifelike with the noises and actions this one is it.

I loved playing imagination when I was a kid. I would turn carpet boxes into washing machines and kitchen sets and everything. so on Amazon I don’t find a whole section of play pretend appliances for kids. And this one struck my eye. it is A Little tikes washer and dryer and it’s a realistic pretend play appliance. It is only $50 right now on sale for $44.88 and it’s an interactive toy washer dryer. you can turn that down activate the spinner drum and so you can watch it go round and round the kids can fill it with detergent that is just an empty bottle it also comes with clothes so you can fold them on the tabletop they have little baskets to sort the clothes like it is all out. I love the idea of this because it teaches kids responsibility of choice from an early age but also it’s super fun. and this one’s the most realistic one that I seen and it doesn’t break the bank. but like I said there’s many others on Amazon and my last two toy guide I did a store in kitchen one that were really high quality.

I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted this as a child period it’s a hot wheel City Robo T-Rex ultimate garage that has like multi-levels and it stores a hundred cars and it’s just like a ram thingy those like a dinosaur in this one. It’s curly $90 on Amazon so it’s a little expensive but it says it’s guaranteed to hours of imagination play with a vertical tower to make parking easy for more than 100 cars. We got to watch out for the hungry robot T-Rex that’s looking to devour your tasty hot wheels it has side-by-side race tracks from the top of the parking tower to the bottom with some air jumps and downhill challenges. it also features an opportunity to include a hot wheels ID action 2 plug in the hot wheels so the ID portal which you would have to buy is scanned it and it’s like an interactive thing. And it also has connections to where you can buy separate packs and sets to connect to this to make an ultimate thing. I really like the idea that I always wanted one cuz my dad collects hot wheels but I’ve always played with them but if there’s one for different prices so this is just an example of one of them.

I hope you guys enjoyed this gift guide!! Let me know in the comment down below, What was your favorite toy.

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