Me Time Tag!

Happy fun Friday!! I came across this tag and I decided to do it! It seems like a really fun tag and one of my big goals is Finding Me time and say no to people so I figured it fit perfectly. So let’s go ahead and get started.

1. What do you watch during Me Time?During my time I usually catch up on shows throughout the week that I missed. So that can include or 911 which is really good show that I love or The Resident. Really just anything that I missed.

download (10)

2. What do you wear during Me Time?

Most likely my PJ shorts and an oversized t-shirt. But I may also go for some leggings and a sweater.

3. What are your Me Time beauty products?

I really don’t have any. I’ve had trouble finding some good products for my face that doesn’t irritate it so I’ve kind of given up for now. And ask her makeup I rarely wear makeup nowadays just because I’m so busy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4. Current favorite nail polish…

4. Current favorite nail polish…I am a hoarder of nail polish colors so I could not pick just one but I will say I really am loving the instant dry nude collection I guess.

5. What do you eat or drink during Me Time?

Probably something really unhealthy. Pizza would be top of the list.

6. Current favorite candle.

I really in love with Bath & Body Works hot cocoa candle and I know it’s going to be leaving soon but it is one of my favorites.

7. Do you ever have outdoor Me Time

Yes! I love just going for a walk to clear my head and relax! It’s always nice to just walk away from my computer and just go outside!


8. Would you ever go see a movie alone?No! I can’t do movie theaters because of my anxiety! So there’s no way I would go alone. But I do watch movies alone here at my house.

9. Favorite online shop?

Kind of hard to pick from the target count. LOL I will say I started to shop more local boutiques I guess just because I do love small businesses and I do love my community.

10. Favorite Me Time music?

download (12)lately it’s been Taylor Swift I was a huge fan of her when she first started out and then I kind of like fell out of it but lately, I’ve just been loving her music again and it’s been on my repeat.

download (13)

11. What else do you do during Me Time?

Really anything. That could be painting my nails taking a nice bubble bath playing video games watching YouTube or Netflix and really anything that’s by myself. And where I can just sit down and breathe for a minute. Cuz that is something I’ve been lacking lately and I know it’s something I need to do more often.

I hope you guys enjoy this blog post let me know in the comments down below what is something you do on your me Time? As always thank you guys for everything, I love you so much, thank you for everything you do, and I’ll see you in the next post.

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