Storytime- My sister hates her walls!

So by the title, you’re probably really confused. My sister doesn’t hate her walls; it’s more or less the fact every year we have some problem where they have to cut open my sister’s walls. Let me explain.

Our bathroom is connected to one of her walls. Our next-door neighbor’s bathroom is attached to her other wall. Last year around the same time, we had a problem with the plumbing and ended up leaking from upstairs, so they cut open my sister’s walls and carpet, and she was stuck in the living room for four weeks. A new year and it’s happened again. This time there’s no official leak, but there was water all over her walls and floor.for three days, they try to search for the week, and there was none on any floors any pipes anywhere. But she was still in the living room for a week. We ended up having my cousin come over, and they had like a beautiful summer party out in the living room are they brought out the air mattress and her mattress and might like this big, but he’s in the couches. My sister and I also watched it out there, and that’s a fantastic movie cried loved it. And we had fun. My dog hates the air mattress though she struggled with that a little bit. Other than that, it wasn’t too bad this time around. I love the maintenance guys we have now at an apartment there amazing they’re fast, and they’re super friendly. But one problem is the manager Evie…

You think what’s her name like that she’d be so sweet, but she isn’t. We have like a vanity mirror type of lighting style with their six light bulbs at the time had three that worked because I haven’t got around to fixing the others because it didn’t need it. When she was there, she made it a demand that we need to change those eyeballs out immediately. They all need to have lights in them. And then when one of the plumbers asked if she could turn off the sink in our bathroom, she’s like I don’t know how it’s too confusing. We legit have the simplest one. Up for on down for off. Right for hot left for cold. You can’t fuck it up. She made it seem like because she’s too fantasy riches know how to work a simple thing. She the type of person who gets on you for every little thing because if it’s not perfect, it is not correct.

All I have to say is we’ve had some struggles but everything is back now and she got her room back! We are currently just waiting for them to come and paint. It’s just funny that the past three years something has happened to me they had to cut open our walls due to some type of water .That is it for the story time let me know in the comments down below if you have had any major plumbing disaster?

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