Christmas As A Kid Vs. Adult

I love Christmas I always have. but I notice I do Christmas differently now that I am an adult. So today we are doing a fun post looking at how Christmas was as a kid vs adult.


KidAs a kid I love getting gifts. I love seeing what people got me and opening them up and then playing with them afterward. Not having a care in the world. I did love giving gifts to but as a kid, it’s all about getting gifts around Christmas time.

AdultAs an adult, it’s now all about giving gifts. I love seeing the smiles on people’s faces when I get them something and I love planning it all out and wrapping gifts and just seeing the excitement. Don’t get me wrong I still love getting gifts but I absolutely love giving them to people.

Being Up Late-

Kid As a kid you’re waiting up late waiting for Santa and sneaking around to see what you got for Christmas. I know for me it was really hard to sleep with all the excitement and just couldn’t wait to wake up and open presents.

AdultAs an adult, you’re up super late on Christmas Eve finishing last-minute preparations. Whether that is procrastinating on wrapping presents, writing these last-minute Christmas cards, or just doing all the stuff you had put off to the very last minute. There’s also a little bit of excitement for the next day that’s keeping you up.

The Outfits

Kid As a kid your parents usually pick out your outfit. Usually consists of dressing up a little bit more and little more fancy attire. I know as a kid I hated wearing the tacky outfits.

Adult As an adult, you pick out your outfit! Its sometimes more fancy attire but they’re also will be times where you pull of that ugly Christmas sweater. I know I have three times thus far. And you find as many ways as you can to turn that ugly Christmas sweater into a fancy outfit. Now I love wearing tacky outfits and just having fun!

The Sweets-

Kid As a kid you don’t get to shove your face with cookies. You beg your parents to let you have a cookie after you’ve made them, you do everything you can to eat more sweets. But It never really works.

Adult But as an adult, you could eat as many cookies as you want. You don’t have to do anything, you just need the cookies. Just the other day I made Christmas cookies and I eat way too many because I was left with the rest of them. Take it as a good or bad thing I guess. Lol!

Decocting the Tree-

Kid-As a kid I loved getting the tree out and putting up together as a family. We would take turns putting up our favorite ornaments and then when we are done we would all together put up the star. We would play muse as we did the tree I would always out the redneck days of Christmas on for my da it was his favorite It was always a fun time and I have a lot of good memories from it!

AdultNow, It’s me and my sister. We will put up the tree put on a movie and put the tree together then we get are dad and put the topper on. Now we put funny stuff as the topper on our tree because we can. One year it was Yoda(my favorite) And we have a fun night.

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