The Furry Friends Gift Guide 2019

The last t day of the 2019 gift guide and can I say this has been fucking hard. Trying to put together 5 gift guides has been tough since I’ve been a little busy but I’m really glad I did it cuz it was really fun. I decided to have the best for last and that’s the dog and cats of your life. All the stuff I am listing are from I’m obsessed am not sponsored I just preferred my stuff for my dog and cat. So let’s get started


download (5)The first step is the goodie box puppies treats and toys for dogs. Goody has a lot of different box options for your dog and I think this a great to get for Christmas for them if you don’t get one thing and have it be filled with this stuff. They all come with six handpick full-size products bundled together and when the uniquely designed box which is near the guesswork or money. It comes with treats toys and maybe even a clothing item. They range from prices but the most you’ll ever pay for one is $37 and I think that’s a great prize for the factory of getting six full-size stuff.

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download (6)Next up we have these Frisco gingerbread house hide and seek plush dog toy. I’m out of the gingerbread house and then your dog is gingerbread house if they could fit. It’s just a cute Christmas away. $13.99 I think it’s a great Price is Right beginning for individual things that make up one. And it’d be so cute to see them hi there little she snout in The Little Door there should your bread house.

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imagesThe next toys kind of like them, not a specific toy and reality and idea and the Kong toys for dogs are always great. The super-strong vulnerability you can hide stuff in there for your dog to chase I didn’t say just great toys all around and now there’s so many different types and kinds they’re all amazing. I just feel like you can’t go wrong with a Kong toy for your dog.

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159956_MAIN._AC_SL1500_V1569550370_The next thing I have is hyper pet Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas zero plush dog toy. This is $14.99 and you have to get it no matter what. Is the most cutest dog toy I have ever seen and I’m obsessed with The Nightmare Before Christmas so this is just something I want. It’s super soft ins good for your dog to cuddle with but it’s also cake game for toss and fetch you can throw with ease is ideal for all talks and auditing life stages.

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download (7)So every year I try to find a unique dog treats to put on the list in this year’s is Grandma Lucy’s organic pumpkin pie oven-baked dog treats. They are $8.39 for an 8 oz bag and it’s pumpkin pie that I can give it to my dog. They also have other flavors like cranberry apple and lemon blueberry banana coconut and even like a peppermint flavor for Christmas. But the pumpkin pie is absolutely my favorite

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download (8)So The last toy for your dog is the chuckit flying squirrel. This thing is like a flying squirrel frisbee And it’s on sale right now for $5.99 but it’s not my $12.99 as it’s still a great price. Multilayers for construction and added durability extend playtime into the night with glowing Paw on each Corner could be used in water for splashing and it’s the perfect shape for a long-distance throw. It does come in three sizes small medium large.

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204032_MAIN._AC_SL400_V1573579991_ Like I said these are really great to have for the price this one is only $20.48 it comes with 5 handpicked goodies inside includes three full size treats one plushie with Kringle sound and a rolling track toys. There are many different types that you can choose from but I think these are great gifts if you just want to buy one thing and have so many different things in it.

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82c0b2802f4ff2b9b5dc92b91930adf7Next up we have a just for cat toys variety pack this is only $4.99 13 different toys including 7 Rollie balls three fuzzy balls 1 catnip toy every little wand thing. These are always pay down because I’ll always has my cat toys and so I don’t feel so bad if it is one that is super expensive these are only $4.49 and I think it’s great to have in your cat stockings.

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download (9)Next up we have the Temptations sneaky elf cat toy. This is $3.99 and this is the Great bubble toy how do you hide the treat in and they have to get it out. I don’t like $3.99 you can definitely afford on to buy a jumbo packet Temptation treats for only $7.99. It will last you a long time.

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download (10)Next is the ASPCA ugly sweater holiday cat tunnel. This is just too cute, with a little ball hanging on one side and it looks like an ugly sweater and I really like it so cute. it has a peekapoo hole at the top and if collapse together for Easy Storage. It’s made of crinkle paper so your cat will love it. It is only $14.99 and headache these are great to have for any cat.

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download (11)the last thing for your cat is the PetSafe Blazer tail laser cap toy. It’s only $26.99 and it’s an automatic laser for your cat. The automatic coin news around the floor on its own making it hands-free and automatically shuts off after 10 minutes to save battery and prevent your cat from getting overstimulated. This unique and Faded toy always fun Johnjay and came in and engagement to keep a cat occupied and it will take your feline on adventures without leaving the safety of your home.

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130792_600x446We Have a bouns you can get your feline pet and dog Bubbles. Not just any bubbles Incredibles. These are bubbles for your dog and cat but they can eat. You blow on them and the dog and cat can chase them and eat them. $3.99 for a tube and I think this is amazing.

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That is it for this year’s gift guide! I had a lot of fun pitting these Together. I hope you enjoyed. I had fun looking through everything and picking stuff out! let me know in the comments down below, Did you have a favorite gift guide and What do you want for Christmas? 

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