Best Toys Gift Guide 2019

We are on the second to last day of our 2019 gift guide. So for today’s gift guide, I decided to do the best toys. I am a kid at heart and I love laying it all the toys and finding some cool and amazing ones. This gift guide I’ve separated into two categories. One is toys that are under $20 and the other one is toys that are $30 and above. A little disclaimer at the time of me looking up these toys the prices could change it could go up it could go down so I try to find some they’re kind of in the middle. So let’s get started.

maxresdefaultThe first toy is the Crayola ultimate light board drawing tablet. At this point, it is $19.99 and I think that’s a great price for this. I had something like this when I was a kid and I loved it. It comes is 6 many washable FX markers a belted marker storage to keep your markers up. The backlight board that you draw on, I think that’s so cool.

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downloadNext up we have the WowWee pixie Bells interactive animal thing. The thing is kind of cute but kind of creepy at the same time. It’s an enchanted animal you can talk to and it dances and it spins and things. The three ways to play including nurture mode pixie power dance mode and spin mode and pixie dolls come with kiss technology which detects your cheek to give you a kiss the longer you hold the longer it lasts. The thing is only $12.99 and I think it’s like a cute little toy for anybody who loves stuff like this.

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download (1)Does next time I’m really considering buying for me. It is a fidget toy set that has 22 different pieces for sensory stress-relieving anti-anxiety. This has so many different things to fill with and I always have something in my hand but I am moving whether it’s a pen I’m clicking or you’re just a cap something anything. I miss that it is only $18.55 which is a great price for 22 different pieces. This includes 2 flip chains, one liquid motion timer, one peekaboo squeeze beans, 3 marble and mesh, 6 stretchy string, 3 grape mesh squeeze balls, three clackers, One Snap and click snake, one basketball stress ball, and one Magic Cube Surprised I think it’s a really great price and whether you just have a child with sensory issues or just someone who does like the fiddle with things or even for yourself if you have anxiety or stress I didn’t is the perfect gift.

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91T7QLoIk4L._SL1500_next up we have the Alex Spa toy rabbit Chino bath bomb and confetti. For $20 you get two of these I think one which is a strawberry surprise and a purple one which is the lavender chill. And these things are so cool so they come with and just one of them for mini bath bombs one cool straw spoon 1 loofah and a little packet of Epsom salt but then it also comes with bath confetti. And he’s in there cool I love them as a child to just a little confetti so pieces I will melt away in the tub. Is the cute little stocking stuffer gift if you have someone who likes bath bombs Or just loves taking baths they’re super cute the way they look in their packaging.

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91vhuTT7HvL._SY355_Next up we have my first mind-blowing science Science kid. Design kits are only $10 and they have different ones I didn’t do this so cool to have especially at that price right now. This kit comes with a 20 piece set and allows you to explore and learn the basics of science from a chemical reaction to the use of science tools of the represents steam which is a science technology engineering math principles which I think is always amazing. it comes with some chemicals nothing too extreme just for your kids to do. It’s recommended for ages 6 and up so it’s not too dangerous. This one spreading to my first mind-blowing science the best one to start off with because you get to do crazy stuff with it.

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71XQ2f6Bs0L._SX425_Now we’re moving on to and sees more expensive stuff. The first one is a Melissa and Doug wooden grocery store. I wish I had this when I was a child. I got $158.31 I do think this is a good price for how Well made it is. Melissa and Doug have known for their high-quality products and this one is very high quality. the Melissa Doug free-standing wood in grocery store includes a hand crank conveyor belt a bagging area a card swipe machine and a realistic beeping scanner and cash drawer the thing just looks so nice and all you need to buy is any old grocery store set and they’ll be all good to go.

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download (2)So I don’t like hatchimals animals we still cool these days. But I found this DreamWorks dragon hatching toothless interactive baby dragon and it’s basically the same concept but instead of some weird pastel thing, it’s toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. this is $40.88 and it is that’s not too bad of a price So basically you wait for it to hatch when it hatches you bond with that and then there are interactive games you can talk to it and at the end of the day you have your own dragon friend to call you around. The only difference that I see is you actually keep the bottom of the egg and you put toothless back in it and that’s what he naps. This is your build the bond of a lifetime with your very own dragon what kid doesn’t want that.

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download (3)Next up we have something that I had to include because my niece is obsessed with LOL surprises stuff and so I had to include this LOL surprise real wood house to come to the new family and 85 + surprise stuff. This dollhouse $154 and a standard 2.75 ft tall and 3 feet wide. There’s a pretty decent size one. It comes with interactive features including working elevator lights and three floors a real Pool Spa and a sandbox. It even comes with a moving truck in front of your to unbox. As much as I hate LOL surprise I think this is a pretty good deal for everything you get especially I was obsessed with Barbies and I got a Barbie house and it was more than this for Christmas and I didn’t come with half this stuff. So I think it’s a good deal and your kid might love it

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download (4)The last toy for the gift guys is a Monster Jam official Mega Grave Digger all-terrain remote control monster truck. This thing is huge at over two feet long II really have some power. It’s $84.99 which isn’t a bad price I found a cheaper on Amazon and this is the top toy for boys on Amazon so I’m going to guess that’s good. II can go really fast and as adults and chargers so you can just keep powering it up as you please. You can control it up to 200 feet away which is pretty good if you ask me and I think this is a great way to have for any boys and girls in your life or even your husband grieving you if you like remote control cars as one looks nice and it’s huge.

download (12)Bonus item to list I am obsessed with Legos. Nowadays is so many different types of Legos and I feel like it’s always a great thing to have on a Christmas list. There are some that are under $10 to some that are like $500. There are some that are pink and girly and some that are huge buildings. You can always find a packet of Legos that spit the person you’re buying it for. So it is a bonus item because I can’t just pick one kid when there are so many and so many different price ranges so I’m going to link the LEGO store for you guys and you pick which one you want.

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I hope you guys enjoy this gift guide. I know it was long but there were a lot of ways to pick from and I couldn’t pay it was really hard. Let me know in the comment down below what was your favorite toy going up and do you have a favorite toy now.

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