Makeup Lover Gift Guide 2019

It’s the third day of the 2019 gift guide. Today I decided to do a makeup gift guide. So everything but one thing on this list is from Walgreens but you can find it pretty much anywhere. The reason I picked Walgreens for the list is that their beauty Rewards program is pretty good. You get points for buying their cosmetic stuff and that turns into money back on your Walgreens card when you check out. So let’s go ahead and get started showing.

guest_7315544c-8862-4b55-b89d-41ebaf069724.jpgThe first thing is the elf 100 pan eyeshadow palette. On the Elfs website, it is only $15.99. That is an amazing price for this amazing palette. The colors are a beautiful elf is definitely a company that I love. So I highly recommend checking this out if you are new to makeup or you’re a makeup Pro. Because I’m sure you will find a color on there to work with.

Next up we have the LA color makeup bags. This is m_5c4905b4aa5719da011afb97kind of like a little kit for $10. It comes with a 5 pan eyeshadow palette a contour and highlighter palette a mascara and eyeliner and a lip gloss. This is something that is good for a stocking stuffer and I love it.

Buy Me Here

m_5c8d56d62e1478fc7e6a502aLA Colors 10-piece brush set only $10 at Walgreens right now. I actually have this product two years ago and it is amazing. But this year it can actually come to the beauty blender mines did not. So I highly recommend getting this if you need brushes.

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413TpvBEpIL._SY355_The next project is the elf eyebrow kit. It is $5.00 and I love this. This was my first ever eyebrows product and I still have it to this day. I always keep one in my bag to touch up my brows. This is great for a stocking stuffer.

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m_5cbcbebbd948a1516997e5f5Next up we have two sets from Wet n Wild. The first one is a 5 piece lipstick set. It comes with five pigmented colors that are all gorgeous and is $5. The next one is also from Wet and Wild it is a 4 piece lip gloss set with beautiful colors which are also only $5. These are great at stocking stuffers and just gifts. I love thee lip glosses I buy them all the time for my little sister who is obsessed with lip glosses and they look amazing. And the lipsticks I have bought before and they work well. Some of the colors are really nice. These are really good if you’re just starting out in makeup. I highly recommend looking into these sets.

Buy Me Here Lip Gloss    Buy Me Here Lipstick 

450Another lip product we have a pop Beauty crayon kit for $16. If you’re looking for a more high-quality look product I highly recommend these. These guys are really pretty and really creamy and pigmented. It’s a nice shade range and I’m sure you can find your color. I have used one of their crowns before and I really liked it. You do get five crayons for $16 but it’s kind of on the pricey side. But I think the kind of worth it.

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450-1.jpgProfusion 35 pan eyeshadow, is only $7 right now and I love the warm palette and I love warm colors for my eyeshadows and this palette is so pretty that I’m considered buying it right now. Are a nice color range and I think you can do amazing looks with Jesse’s pallet alone. And for that price isn’t this is something to get right now. It would make a great gift for any makeup lover in your life. They have shiny and matte Shadows.

Buy Me here

I hope you guys enjoyed the third gift guide for this week. Stay tuned tomorrow for the second-to-last leading up to Friday’s gift guide. Let me know in the comments below What are some of your favorite makeup products?

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