Go-Getters Guide to Dealing With Family

Its that’s time of year again, Food, Food, More food, and family! Family is family but also family can be tough or annoying! Today being you guys a go-getters guide to dealing family! Let’s get started.


1.Agree to disagree

People are going to like diffident things. People are more than welcome to have diffident opinions. Just let it be. It’s not worth it to fight your 61-year-old uncle about who is a better football team. You don’t need to fight your 31-year-old aunt about something dumb to let it be and enjoy your family time!

2.Smile your way through itdownload (3).jpg

This one I’m good at. Family time can be hard. I understate. I know what its like to have to be happy when your not. But I also understand not wanting to talk about it with all your family. So try to smile your way throng it. Find some parts that are happy and make the most out of it!

3. The food is your friend

No matter what you are celebrating food is always there. It is your friend and it will never lie to you. Eat it. Enjoy it. It won’t try to fight you over something dumb!

1410338_14. It’s your life

I keep a lot of my life sect to my family. Lie, my boyfriend, my job, my blog. I’m not one to talk about me.  So I understate not wanting to talk about your life to your family. Keep in mind it’s your life. They don’t have to know stuff and you don’t have to talk about you if you don’t want to!

5. Enjoy your family!

As much as you don’t like it this is your family and you never know if you might see them again. SO enjoy the time you have and let them know you love them. The holidays are always hard for people who have lost someone in their life so just make sure you enjoy your night and spend time with your family!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! As always thses are for fun I know every family is different but just try to have a fun time with your family! Let melnw in the comments down below How do you deal with your family? DO you do anything with your family for the holidays?

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